Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Stylecraft .... and Teenagers

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I've been meaning to blog for days but every time I think about it something gets in the way - specifically this week 11 sacks of yarn from Stylecraft needed emptying, sorting and putting away (often it's the putting away that's the hardest as space needs to be made first) and then the website, finally, gets updated.  It's all done now so Stylecraft stock levels are good (and we have loads of 400g Aran, which seems to be incredibly popular at the moment) and their prices haven't gone up - woo hoo!

If that wasn't enough, we're also off on our jolly hols tomorrow and it's been utter chaos and mayhem getting organised - FB and I are going for 3 weeks, Guy is going for 8 and Tom is going on from our family holiday to his gap year and not returning until June next year.  It probably doesn't take much imagination to envisage the state of our house.  Piles of clothes everywhere and then the inevitable yells of, "Mum, can you get this washed and dried in time?" and, of course, endless leaving parties for the boys.

8 days ago I woke Tom up with the announcement that, "Tom, you are leaving the country in 9 days time for a year.  Can I suggest that you a) start tidying your room, b) start thinking about what clothes you are going to take {refer back to washing above} and c) write your personal statement for your UCAS application" (which FB and I are in charge of come the autumn).  I probably don't need to say that the personal statement was started on Monday,  the final washing will be done this afternoon and - as at 8am this morning when I left the house - his bedroom was in no fit state to be either dusted or hoovered. 

I love teenagers and I really do envy them their laid back and relaxed take on life.  How lovely to get up the day before you're flying off for a year and only then start to think about packing.  How lovely to be so laid back that the final leaving party {which turned into an all-night affair - when I asked him what time he went to bed he said, "it was light"} was a million times more important than organising foreign currency, confirming flights or, even, packing.  But, of course, they are only able to be so damned laid back because they have 2 frantic parents sorting and organising everything behind the scenes.  So, when they get to the airport which their (badly) packed rucksack their parents Mother will produce the necessary documents and, essentially, passports.

Of course, when he returns there will be no Mother to organise him - which is what worries me because he did once, famously, miss a flight home from France

It could be a roller coaster year, folks!

I may blog whilst we're away, if not I'll fill you in on our return - one thing's for sure - it's going to be hot and I have packed knitting!

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