Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Things That We've Knitted But Hadn't Photographed - Until Now

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Way back at the end of November (can that be true - have I just slept-walked into January - what happened to December? - oh yeah, Christmas, burglary, Christmas, New Year - that's what happened to December) - I digress, way back in November I blogged about all the knitting I'd we'd been doing but hadn't photographed yet - due to the weather (and Christmas).  So we put some of that right this weekend - not all as some garments are still on display in the shop - but it's a start.

First of all, I knitted this:

and I love, love, love it.  It's the perfect jumper for crisp, winter walks and cosying up in front of the telly:

It's big and warm and cosy and just gorgeous (and, being a Super Chunky, it's a quick knit too!)

We also knitted two different snoods from Rico's Liesl yarn - one long (which can be worn 2 ways):

and one which is wider and shorter (basically, a wide scarf which we then twisted before sewing together):

We also did a sample scarf in the amazing Dakota yarn (just 3 balls):

which is wonderfully soft and cosy and cuddly!

And, finally for now, we did a diagonal garter stitch blanket in Riot DK.  I'd done one before in Debbie Bliss's Bella:

which had resulted in LOADS of ends needing to be dealt with (cunningly covered over by the stocking stitch border) and then I'd thought it would be really pretty (and easier for new knitters!) in a self-striping yarn so, voila, we did it in Riot DK (just 2 balls - we used shade Fab):

and, I think you'll agree, it's really pretty.  Dead easy and a blanket any new Mum would be very happy to put on their baby - and Riot comes in loads and loads of colours to suit every taste!

So - that's it for now - but, yes, there is more - coming soon!

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