Thursday, 6 December 2012

Pre-Christmas New Yarns

Knitwits Yarns

Just because Christmas is just around the corner doesn't mean we're resting on our laurels here in Penzance!  In fact, it's just as busy as ever and - with today's cold weather - it's the perfect time to be knitting!

We have - yet another - new scarf yarn - Poodle from Stylecraft!  Can we ever have too many scarf yarns?  No!!  This one knits with just 3 stitches - yes, you read that right - so the whole scarf knits up in about half an hour - perfect for very speedy last minute presents!  This is how it knits up (so you can see the subtle colour changes):

and this is how it looks in the ball:

at just £7.99 that's an ideal and very quick present!

Next we have another new sparkly yarn - and, again, can we ever have too many sparkles?  No!  Twilight is a black yarn with a different coloured sparkly strand running through - from left to right turquoise, amethyst, gold, silver and red:

lovely patterns for evening wear too:

Finally, from Stylecraft, we have a new, standard chunky, multi-coloured yarn called Harlequin:

Loads of great patterns and lots for accessories too - like this snood, leg warmer and wrist warmer combination, which also has two other hat and scarf combinations as well - a really good value pattern!:

and I love this cape, even if it's not hugely practical on a bike!:

and there are patterns for girls too:

I've knitted up a hat and wrist warmers and it's a lovely yarn to work with - very soft and easy to knit.

Finally, finally, we have new Angel Prints from Debbie Bliss.  Angel Prints follows on from the huge success of Angel and is a multi-coloured self-striping version with exactly the same tension so the patterns are totally interchangeable.  Still in the same blend of luxurious 76% Mohair and 24% Silk, this is a truly gorgeous yarn!:

I can feel a cowl coming on!!

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