Wednesday, 17 October 2012

New Pattern from Cornish Organic Wool!

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Many, many years ago I designed a 4ply stole for Cornish Organic Wool, which featured in "Knitting" magazine:

and was kindly modelled by our good friend Jules on a blustery day on the moor behind our house.

A couple of years ago I re-modelled this and re-knit it with the inclusion of beads.  It was/is fabulous but I used big silver beads on black wool and they turned out to be very heavy (and expensive) and pulled the garment terribly when worn.  Disheartened, it has sat on the back of my bedroom chair for the past two years.

This summer, when discussing a new pattern for Cornish Organic, FB said, "well, you've already got one pattern done - you just need to re-knit it".  And, of course, he was right.

I chose a different colour and different (lighter and cheaper!) beads and re-knitted it.  And here it is:

It uses 2 different methods for applying the beads - the strung on version for the first and last rows but then the crochet hook version for the rest so there's no need to string 1,500 beads on to your yarn - hoorah, I hear you cry.  (Full instructions for both methods are included in the pattern.)  However, it is important to ensure that the beads you choose have a big enough hole for a small crochet hook!

I got my beads from our local bead shop - G J Beads - and the ones I used are reference LMA-455-10.

It's an easy knit and perfect for evenings out now that the weather is turning more wintry!  I hope you like it - it's been nearly 3 years in the making!!

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