Wednesday, 3 October 2012

More New Yarns from James Brett!

Knitwits Yarns

Wow - 2 days on the trot with new yarns!  A couple of baby yarns and 2 new colours in 400g Aran today.

Firstly, we have new colours in the ever-popular Baby Marble:

and some really sweet patterns to go with them.  Here is a small selection:

Then we have new colours in Baby Magi-Knit.  These I, personally, find a little confusing.  Initially Brett had a lovely yarn called "Bliss" which  they've now re-branded under the Magi-Knit name but it doesn't knit like magi-knit (which knits into fairisle) but knits into bands of colour.  I think it's a bit confusing but, nonetheless, it's a lovely yarn!!:

And finally, for today, 2 new colours in the 400g Rustic Aran:


with their corresponding patterns - I am very tempted by this sweater:

Tomorrow - a new book from Jenny Watson to go with her Pure Merino wool and, maybe, more!!

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