Wednesday, 22 August 2012

New Baby Blanket Design - "Katie"

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As I may have mentioned, my lovely firstborn has left us for his gap year and is currently working (very hard) on a dairy farm in New Zealand.  His new bosses are old friends of ours as Alex used to come down and work on the farm where we live when she was in her teens and she's now running her own farm and is a new Mum (which kind-of scarily puts time passing into perspective!).

Alex and Callum and their very new born baby - Katie - came to visit us all in Cornwall back in June so I planned a baby blanket for them (specifically for Katie, in fact!).  The prototype (made from leftovers of Debbie Bliss's Bella) was such a success that I re-knitted it and actually made a note of the pattern whilst I was doing it and - lo - here it is:

As you can see, it's knitted from corner to corner and the whole thing is in garter stitch, which gives a lovely texture and colour mix.  Here is a detailed view:

A-ha!  I hear you cry - but what about all those pesky ends?  Well - funny you should ask.  I devised a cunning edging which you pick up and knit and then roll over and sew down so all the ends are incorporated in the edging and there's no sewing in to do!  See here:

In the prototype (Katie's actual blanket) I used one colour for each border.  In the pattern I had enough yarn to have striped borders too.  This is the front:

and this is the back once the border has been sewn down:

I'm really pleased with this project as it turned out exactly how I'd planned (which doesn't always happen!).  Bella is not a cheap yarn but the resulting blanket is wonderfully soft and cosy - perfect for small people!

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