Tuesday, 14 August 2012

My Ravellenic 2012 Shawl

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This is the first time I've entered the Ravellenic Games (formally known as the Knitting Olympics) so I chose a suitably challenging pattern from my stash:

and then was deeply concerned that I'd over-extended myself by miles and would never, ever finish it on time so knitted like stink and, by the end of the first weekend I was here (wrong side showing):

and began to think that maybe, just maybe this project was possible.

Well - amazingly, I finished it at 23.49 (BST!) on Monday, 6th August, blocked it on Tuesday, 7th and photographed it on Wednesday 8th.  Here it is pre-blocking:

and here it is blocked:

Blocking is one of those jobs that I love and hate in equal measure but, boy, what a difference it makes!:

and this, people, is all the yarn I had left:

That is cutting it fine!!

I love it.  I love the pattern, the colours and - most of all - the fact that I did it well within the Olympic time!  Hoorah!!

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  1. Wow it really is beautiful! You must be so very pleased with the results. Well done for finishing on schedule too!