Thursday, 7 June 2012

The Queen Makes An Unexpected Visit to Penzance

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It is a little known fact that the Queen made an unexpected and unpublicised visit to Penzance this weekend as part of her Jubilee celebrations.  In fact, her only port of call was to visit us here in Knit Wits.  Here she is knitting happily in our window:

and here she is knitting outside the shop with her beloved corgi by her side:

she looks very happy, don't you think? - and at least it's not raining!

Our celebrations involved a barbecue in the garden:

(I made the rug about 27 years ago!!).  And after the barbecue we all trooped up the hill to light our Jubilee beacon.  It was raining quite well by then and the mist was down but you can just make out St Michael's Mount and one beacon already burning:

our beacon was bigger!:

And then, on Tuesday morning, we awoke to find that little baby Jubilee had been born:

No idea if it's a boy or girl but really don't care as it's very, very sweet indeed.  For an idea of size - just imagine the size of a chick newly hatched out of a regular sized egg - aaaagh!  Mummy sat on 4 eggs and gradually kicked out 3 (clearly knowing they weren't "right") and baby Jubilee was cheeping inside the egg on Monday morning and duly arrived sometime in the night.  (Incidentally, listening to a chicken cheep inside its egg is a really bizarre but thrilling experience).

What a great - long - weekend.  Now back to reality but, hey, it's still raining!

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