Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Mazey Day Weekend

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Every June Penzance hosts a big cultural/musical/theatrical festival called Golowan, which incorporates Mazey Day, during which the local school children parade through the streets with extraordinarily impressive floats, bands play and we shopkeepers have stalls out on the street and dance as the bands pass by.

This Saturday was my eighth Mazey Day in the shop and the first one where the weather wasn't glorious.  Luckily it didn't rain until the afternoon but the wind was pretty fierce all day - didn't seem to put the Samba band off though:

If she was a little chilly she managed not to show it!  (Note lady in background in jeans and winter jacket, which was more appropriate for the day!)

On Sunday our boys headed off to Ibiza for 10 days in the sun with a bunch of mates (Lord help Ibiza is all I can say!) so, having dropped them off for their journey to the airport we returned to an empty and quiet house and did the only decent thing, which was to go for a walk.  In total contrast to Saturday the weather was glorious - so much so that FB now has a rather red bald patch(!):

the foxgloves in amongst the burnt gorse are glorious

and who can ever tire of this view:

FB was delighted to find this little fellow in the path:

In amongst this little hamlet of houses is where I'm lucky enough to live:

On a day like that, who needs Ibiza?!

In knitting news - I am close to finishing this jumper in Stylecraft's Vision but did a highly unsatisfactory pick up of stitches for the neck last night and took it all out this morning!  Having slept on it I realised I couldn't live with it - not that I'm obsessive or anything!  How often does that happen to you?!

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