Friday, 16 December 2011

Voila - the wonder scarf

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First things first - mugs are back in stock and everyone who pre-ordered had theirs sent out, first class, today. Also, apparently, last posting day is - in fact - Tuesday so you still have time!

Next - and most importantly - Voila the wonder scarf!

Voila (pronounced the French way but I can't get the accent on the "a" on this programme) comes as a tape-type yarn - a bit like Can Can but it's woollier (43% wool) and comes as a tube. You "knit" it by doing a simple crochet along one end and then up the main length and then across the second end and tie off - et, voila, you have a curly scarf!

It is unbelievably simple and I've put together a very simple instruction sheet which comes free with every ball and there's also an excellent video on You Tube by Adriafil.

This is the yarn that EVERYONE needs in their stash this Christmas. Picture the scene - presents round the tree - you've agreed with Auntie Olive that you won't do presents this year but she then produces one for you. Normally you would panic, blush and stammer. This year you excuse yourself - say you've eaten a dodgy prawn or something or even go to check on the turkey. Grab your ball of Voila and a crochet hook and - Voila - in 10 minutes you have a pressie for Auntie Olive. Panic over. All is well.

Alternatively, your pre-Christmas knitting plan has gone awry - those socks you promised everyone just aren't going to be finished in time. You're trying to fool yourselves but deep, deep down you know it just isn't going to happen. Get yourself a couple of balls of Voila as a back up and bung them in the stash. Christmas Eve (or even Christmas morning) grab your crochet hook and save the day. Brilliant.

And it's very reasonably priced and lovely and soft and, what's more, looks great too!!

Perfect - well done Adriafil!

PS: If I look cold in the picture - I was! No improvement in the weather here but not as bad as the rest of the country, I think. A good knitting weekend!

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