Wednesday, 14 December 2011

My Moment

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I had a moment this morning - one of those moments to savour and cherish and possibly even do a small dance over. The cause of this moment? I emptied the wash basket. Pause and reflect, if you will, on the enormity of this. There was nothing in the wash basket - nil, nada, not even a sock.

It didn't last long - obviously. FB came back from the gym. G cleared a small passageway through his bedroom and - lo - the moment was gone. But it was there. For about half an hour it was there. My moment!

Obviously gee'd up by this moment I carried it with me and entered a few new patterns on the site this morning. Children's patterns in Marble Chunky (which everyone's been asking for) - here is a sample:

and this hooded waistcoat:

I then added one new pattern in Passion which didn't come into stock last time:

and four in Marble DK:

Today I have the car (even FB lets me off cycling when the weather is this horrendous) so am now off to M&S to do some last bits of Christmas shopping. It's my first trip to M&S in Hayle (which has probably been there for about 5 years now) and I'm pathetically excited!

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  1. Julia, I have a 1 person household and I never see an empty laundry basket! (mainly because there isn't enough of something to justify running the thing). Congratulations!