Monday, 3 October 2011

That Sunday Night Show

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For those of you who missed it, last night's "That Sunday Night Show" featured our Guinness World Record giant knitting needles being knitted on by Jenny Eclair!

You can see the programme on ITV iplayer here (our bit is towards the end).

It was all in aid of National Knitting Week and started off with the iconic picture of me(!):

and then the giant needles were brought on:

(that's Richard Madeley on the left, then Jenny Eclair and then Alan Johnson MP.

Jenny tried to knit with them but realised they were the wrong way round so they had to swop them round:

you can see here, the knitting's on the right hand needle:

Up and over Jenny's head:

But, then they were crossed at the back:

So had to be uncrossed (here's Richard going under Alan's needle and Adrian Chiles trying to help):

and, finally, Jenny could knit!:

She managed 2 stitches and got a rousing ovation from the audience:

and we got mentioned in the credits (below Getty Images!):

All good fun - and well done to Jenny!

And thanks to FB for screen catching those images (absolutely no idea how he did it!).

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  1. Glad to read of a much more positive experience with the TV medium!