Saturday, 1 October 2011

Creative Stitches, Exeter

Knitwits Yarns

One week on and I'm finally going to talk about last weekend. Some time ago I received an email from Belinda and Ruth, those crazy ladies who make up Knit Expo, inviting people to come and teach knitting on their stand at Creative Stitches, Exeter. I was going through a phase when my testosterone-packed house was driving me insane so I jumped at the opportunity to spend a weekend with (mostly) ladies knitting and said "yes". That was last weekend and I had a great time! This was us:

and this is Belinda teaching someone to knit:

The thing about the Exeter show is that, apart from knitting and stitching, there's loads of other things going on as well. There's lace:

quite exquisite lace:


embroidered postcards:

and Sugarcraft:

Yes, these flowers are made from sugar:

There was also The Newbury Coat:

which was of particular interest to me as a few years ago I met one of the ladies involved in the re-enactment in 1991 and that re-enactment was sponsored by, amongst others, Camp Hopson in Newbury, which is owned by not-so-distant relatives of FB!

And then, and then people - there were costumes from Downton Abbey!! Can anyone resist Downton and can anyone resist the costumes from that elegant era:

remember the scandalous trouser suit?!:

All in all I had a fantastic crafty, testosterone-free weekend - and I did some knitting!

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