Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Teeny Tiny Knitting

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Whilst I am, predominantly, decorating our house at the moment (pulled the piano out on Monday and, boy, did we find some rubbish behind there including a cable needle and a very small pair of boys' pants [with Bart Simpson on them so, clearly, T's from many years ago])* there is also some knitting going on.

Tracey and I are knitting teeny, tiny fiddly things which, with a Royal Wedding only 23 days away, won't take a genius to work out what they are. They are great fun but unbelievably time consuming for such tiny things and result in a barrage of bizarre texts along the lines of "Harry only has one leg", reply "oh, yes, oops forgot to knit the second" and "does the Queen have shoes?" (she does now).

The aim is to have the entire ensemble in the window (and available to view here) by Good Friday at the latest so if any of you are coming down here for Easter or the wedding weekend or any part of the holidays, please do pop in and say hello.

Meanwhile I am awaiting the arrival of Prince Philip in a sandwich bag.

* Apparently my maternal grandmother used to pull her piano out every week and clean behind it. She is currently spinning in her grave at her slutty grand-daughter.

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  1. Hah! I think I know what you're up to, Julia! (see my blog entry here: ... and enter to win the nail varnish while you're at it!). xx