Tuesday, 26 April 2011


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So for Easter day we did our usual walk to our favourite pub and it's always amazing that the same walk is different every single time. This time there was a definite first for us:

a rather beautiful male adder sunning himself by the path. We managed a few pics before he slithered off and on the way back, in the exact same spot, we met these lovelies coming down for their evening drink:

The path towards the north coast was looking particularly beautiful:

and I was wearing a fetching piece of knitwear(!):

Leaving the pub, late in the afternoon, the cows were coming in for milking:

and T debated whether to ride a semi-wild Shetland pony but decided he was just too big and the pony was just too small!:

A perfect Easter Sunday!

PS: Our royal family is attracting much interest so do come and have a look if you're in the area (and I put the bunting up today as well!).

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  1. Ow stop it. Now I really feel homesick for Cornwall!

    The picture of the adder is beautiful- it would be perfect for a wildlife book!