Saturday, 17 May 2014

I Have Been Knitting ..... Tom's Blanket

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There is precious little knitting news at the moment as I am concentrating on one project and one project along - Tom's University Blanket. 

Whilst we were away we heard that he'd been offered a place at his first choice University - St Andrew's, in Scotland.  We are, obviously, delighted - for both our boys to get into their first choice University and, for Tom, under particularly difficult circumstances to make it into his first choice is wonderful news.

However ... Scotland will be cold compared to the relative balm of south-west Cornwall ... so the blanket is even more urgent than before!  On top of which, he starts in early September so I've got just over 3 months to go!  (In an ideal world I'd like to knit him a lovely, warm sweater before he goes as well but that might have to be for Christmas!).

So, I am Domino Knitting like a wild thing and the blanket, which looked like this before the Olympics:

now looks like this:

with Eric-the-three-legged-cat kindly posing to give an idea of scale.

I reckon that's doubled in size and I'm about two-thirds of the way there (with a massive i-cord edge to factor in as well {the edge stitches are currently being held on waste yarn so the edge is NOT an optional addition}).

The good news is that I've still got plenty of stash yarn so I'm definitely NOT going to run out of wool!

The bad news?  I only have 3 months!

Onward .... onward .... and onward ....................

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