Wednesday, 26 September 2012

New Yarns From Adriafil!

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It's that time of year when new yarns are coming in so thick and fast it's quite hard to keep up!  Today I've uploaded a whack of new yarns from Adriafil onto the site and I'm going to keep on adding new yarns day by day so as not to overload you but also so that I can sleep at some point!

As many of you will know, Adriafil is an Italian company so - needless to say - they have a huge range of wonderful, exotic yarns in some terrific textures and colourways.

First today is one such yarn - Bi-Use is so named as it can be knitted in 2 different ways (or a combination of both).  It can be knitted "conventionally" by putting the yarn round the needle or in a similar way to many of the recent scarf yarns by putting the needle through the thin bit of the yarn.  (Adriafil have, helpfully, posted a video of how to knit this yarn on YouTube - you can find it here.  The colours are gorgeous:

and we knitted up a scarf using a combination of both methods of knitting.  To be precise, 4 rows of conventional knitting and 4 rows of scarf method.  It looks like this:

and here's a close up where you can see the 2 different stitches:

We have, helpfully, put together a quick pattern for this yarn so - if you order 3 balls or more - don't forget to email us for a free copy of the pattern!

Next up we have Dakota - with its glorious flashes of feathery colours:

This is perfect for scarves - 3-4 balls for an average scarf I would suggest but also features on the fronts of a waistcoat and it's in Tracey's box waiting for her to knit a sample:

..... but only after she's knitted the sample for our next yarn - Furetto - which is a soft, furry, fluffy yarn  - also perfect for scarves but there is also a bolero pattern for it (which Tracey is currently knitting!):


Colours are here:

Finally - for today - we have a new super chunky fluorescent yarn - perfect for hard-to-please teenagers - Bloom:

it comes in just 4 colours - lime green, orange, pink and turquoise and we (I!) knitted up a quick sample scarf in it:

big, chunky, quick, fluorescent - fantastic!!

And - finally, finally, we have just 2 new colours in the lovely, Egyptian cotton - Memphis.  Due to popular demand we now have black on site and a gorgeous new blue/purple colour - shade 75:

That's all for now - phew!!  Tomorrow we have lovely new colours and yarns from James Brett - including their fab new Rustic Mega Chunky - guess what I'm knitting tonight?!!

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