Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Knitwits Yarns

Snoods seem to be all the rage at the moment and, as I alluded, last week we've responded to a constant stream of people asking for non-existent patterns by designing our own!

Ours is knitted in chunky yarn on quite big needles (7.5mm) so it's stretchy enough to be worn no less than 5 different ways. As the sun was out on Sunday we went into the garden and photographed it in all its different guises. I give you:

round the neck, collar down:

round the neck, collar up:

over the shoulders, collar down:

over the shoulders, collar up:

and, finally (for extra cold weather), round the neck and over the head:

We knitted this in Stylecraft's Signature yarn and, to make life really easy for you, we've put the whole thing - yarn and pattern - into kits. All you have to do is knit the simple rectangle and, hey presto, very useful (and fashionable) snood!

Signature kits can be found here. At just £12.45 + P&P.

Volata Tweed kits (pure wool) can be found here. At just £13.50 + P&P.

Time to start knitting these for under a certain tree at the end of December, methinks! (I can't bear to use the "C" word in September)

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  1. Lovely! How versatile. I hope you still have this when I am next allowed to buy wool. (Which may be a while... knitting has slowed down dramatically again with the start of term.)