Monday, 15 August 2011

Short Break

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Ten days ago G&T left us for 3 weeks Inter-railing around Europe - to date they have covered Plymouth - Roscoff - Paris - Marseilles - Nice - Venice - Bari - Corfu (4 days) and they are currently camping in Sorrento. We've had a series of hilarious (and occasionally informative) texts including:

"on boat - first beer going down" (we were rather impressed that they'd waited until they were on the boat for the first beer);

"in Nice - holy f*****g s***t it's hot" !!

"sitting by canal in Venice eating pizza and it's 30 degrees" (very jealous of that one), and a cracker from T:

"I need advice from Mum - I've washed my clothes and they weren't quite dry and they now smell like dead animals" (v pleased to hear he'd been washing his clothes, he not v pleased to hear he had to re-wash them).

So - in the absence of teenagers and to ward off the danger of rattling around at home and missing them, FB and I took ourselves off for a wee break away too - not as far or as glamorous as the boys but we headed up to the Black Mountains in Wales. It's an area we know well but haven't been to for 13 years and it was as beautiful as ever - in fact, we parked the car up on the Friday and didn't move it for the whole week. We stayed in a lovely little cottage in Crickhowell and walked (a lot), ate (too much), drank (one of us more than the other), knitted (only one of us) and slept a lot. The walking was (and is) fantastic here. We broke ourselves in with a gentle canal side walk:

then tackled Sugar Loaf:

which was a good 9.5 miles. Then another gentle canal side walk, during which we found this amazing tree (think of the stories it could tell):

and then, on Wednesday, we tackled a mega huge 22 mile circuit in dubious weather and (on the top 60mph gusting winds). We started by climbing Table Mountain (which is a bit of a scramble at the top):

then carried on along the ridge:

It was fantastic but hard work with the wind pushing us this way and that throughout but we did it! - and treated ourselves to a Chinese takeaway when we got back (and the restaurant didn't object to our muddy walking boots either!).

Tomorrow - knitting update and more!

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