Saturday, 12 December 2009

Knitwits Yarns

The shop front is nearly finished, school term has ended for G&T and I've finally found time to do some updating on the site - 3 bits of good news in just one sentence. Not sure how FB feels about G&T being at home but they got the tree today and more lights, got the turkey and got more food for the flock we now have in the bottom of the garden so we're beginning to think about Christmas.

The big news on the site is that our own brand, Wool Britannia, is now supplying wool on the cone for machine knitters! FB has been working on this for a while with a dye house in Yorkshire, which we visited a few weeks ago. Machine knitters seem to have a hard time finding wool and this is 100% British wool - which is really great news. We've started with a range of natural colours plus navy and black but the range will increase - drop us a line or an email if there's a particular colour you'd like. I can't promise anything but it's our own brand so we have more control than usual. Colours at the moment look something like this:

I've also managed to upload a whack of patterns so - new patterns in Tivoli Blizzard. Here's an example: (patterns down the left hand side of these pages, as ever)

I really like this pattern and the lime green yarn is running out fast - funny how colours come and go - lime green is so popular at the moment.

Also new pattern is Life Chunky and Aran and some nice ones for men too:

One day I might find to knit this for FB!

In the meantime, I'm knitting a simple garter stitch scarf in Mirage (1 ball, 6mm needles, 30 stitches) which is about all my brain can cope with at the moment. Garter stitch is really good therapy at times, don't you agree? Except I keep forgetting I'm doing garter stitch and I sneak in a purl row which (obviously) throws it all completely and then I have to pick it back and then I swear a bit and, suddenly, it's not such good therapy after all. Such is the life of we knitters.

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  1. Now that is *very* exciting! I'm not a machine knitter, but I'm sure I can find some way of using that wool in some other way :-) It looks great, I love the natural colours, too!

    I'll make sure to announce that at my knitting group, I have offered them my wool-courier services for when I'm down in Cornwall (one week to go, can't wait!)